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BODHI - Multidisciplinary Artist & House Curator


Ho Chung Kwang (b. 2000, Penang, Malaysia) is a multidisciplinary artist living by the artist name ‘BODHI’ and graduated from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. He is recognized for his acrylic paintings and being the house curator for The Fluxus House, Singapore’s only gallery cum hair salon. BODHI has sold artworks internationally and has been featured in numerous dailies such as THE STAR English Daily, Zaobao, and China Daily. He has also won various awards such as the Tan Chin Tuan Scholarship and participated in exhibitions in Malaysia, Singapore, and China.

BODHI delves into the inexplicable and intuitive nature of our innermost being through emotions and music by amalgamating its influences with the concrete reality of scenes from everyday life. Inspired by his artistic interests in music such as DJing and Beatboxing, his artistic practice engages musicality by surrendering to its melodies and expressing its essence visually by juxtaposing figurative images through abstractions and fragmentations to create Surrealist visuals. Although the likeness of music cannot be visually embodied genuinely as it is not a copy of the phenomenon, BODHI wishes to express his personal impressions of music metaphysically through visuals by associating it to an image in reality through visuals as if creating a surrealist album cover, music video, or visualizer for specific music.

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